(with answers!)

Here's some basic info about The Mode.

1. There is a listing administration area which you log onto using your email address and the password which The Mode assigns you and automatically sends to the email address you are using. You can view, edit, or delete each of your listings here.

2. The time of each listing is assigned automatically. Some listings are for ninety days, other listings are for a year, depending on the category. If you edit your listing in the listing administration area and re-enter it into the database (even if you don't make any changes to it) both the posting date and the expiration date is renewed.

3. Each user can have up to five listings in any combination of categories or area codes, except in the equipment category where he can have up to ten listings (but all those equipment listings must be in the same area). What I'm trying to stop is users who try to enter a hundred listings and spam the database, not make it hard for users!

4. Listings in the wrong category will be deleted. I can now easily add new categories, so if you have a need for a particular category let me know.

Who can place listings in The MODE?

Anybody, as long as it's related to musicians and/or the music industry. Off topic spam will be deleted, or not listed in the first place.

Is there any cost for the listings?

No, the listings are free. The MODE may sometimes have banner advertising. Maybe someday I'll charge for extras (pictures, longer listings, etc), but basic listings will always remain free!

What's the difference between Regional Listings and Global Listings?

Regional Listings are aimed at musicians in your local area, and sorted by area code. Global Listings are of interest to every musician worldwide. You can post a listing in both databases if you wish.

Where do I place equipment listings?

ALL equipment buy/sell listings should be entered by clicking on getlisted from the first page, same as any other listing on The Mode. You can have up to ten listings, for ten different items for sale, but they have to all be in the same Area Code. In addition to being added to the area code page your equipment buy/sell listings are automatically added to the page of ALL the equipment listings on The MODE, too.

I've added a listing and it didn't appear yet. How long should I wait before checking with you?

You should see your listing in the Area Code listing after a few hours. If you see your listing when you log into the Listing Admin section be assured that it is in the database and will be visible to everybody as soon as it is checked.

How can I check all my listings? I've got several in various places.

Use The Mode Listing Admin section. It shows all the listings from you that are in The MODE database after you log with your email address.

I've gotten a new email address and need to change my listings to show my new address. How can I do that?

If you change your email address the easiest way to change your listings to the new email address is to log on to the listing admin page using your new email address and the email key associated with it, then copy and paste your old listings (viewed on the area code pages) into the form as new listings under your new address. After your listings all appear in the database under your new email address delete the listings under your old email address. You may have to close all copies of your browser and start it again to erase the cookie that remembers that you are logged into the listing admin pages under your new email address in order to log on under your old email address.

Do I have to give my email address? Can I mung it up to hide it from spammers?

You have to give a correct email address. That is the way most of the people who read your listing will contact you. If you are afraid of receiving email spam, either set up a filtering program (such as procmail) or use a secondary email address such as hotmail or yahoo. Also, you can hide behind a stealth name when you post your listing. The Mode will relay your responses to your actual email address without revealing your address. However, when you reply to these incoming responses the reply comes from your email address. Also, you will get more responses to your listing if you use an actual email address. People like to know to whom they are writing.

How can I insert a line break in my listing when I enter it?

Html code is not allowed in listings on The MODE.

How do I embed web page urls into my listing?

Enter your url in the form after the space where you enter your listing, that'll add a clickable link to your url on the end of your listing.

Should I put my telephone number in my listing?

Not unless you want to. I recommend against it, unless you are prepared to filter out nuisance calls with an answering machine, or some similar manner.

Is it safe to meet other musicians that have contacted me via my listing on The MODE?

It is no more safe than using any other classified listing of personals. Use caution when meeting strangers. If you are the slightest bit uneasy take some one else along with you.

How come I just can't email you my listing and have you insert it?

I've steamlined The MODE posting process with a program that walks you through, checks your input for accuracy, then forwards it to me for a final check. I don't always know all your information. Neither will I insert press releases that are emailed to me, you have to do it via the online input form.

Why can't I put an equipment listing in the listings of global interest?

There are separate pages for the global equipment listings. Any time you list equipment in any local area code the listing is entered in the global equipment listing page also.

When I enter an area code my listing is rejected. Why?

Check your area code, maybe you made a typo. If that's not it, there is a chance it's a new one and hasn't made it into my database yet. Write me so I can add it, please.

How do I edit my listing?

Click on Get Listed on the main page and log onto the Listing Admin area. From there you can view, edit or delete each of your listings.

I've entered some listings but I don't see them on the main pages. Why is that?

It takes a few hours for me to look over your listing, if you don't see it within six hours feel free to write, it should be visible on the main pages by then.

How did The MODE get started?

Back in 1995 my band broke up, so I thought it would be neat to find a new group of musicians via the Internet to jam with. The Internet was just starting to grow like crazy, so I tried the various Usenet groups, and while they are great for meeting fellow musicians around the world, it was somewhat dissapointing to locate great situations, only to find they were on the other side of the country. Too bad there isn't a place where musical gigs are sorted by area codes, I thought..... I put my programming skills to work, and lo, The MODE was born. Strangely enough, I found a group of wayward musicians using traditional contact methods (the local musician's newspaper) immediately after starting The MODE, and I played with the (mostly) cover band Friction for a few years. Since then I've been jamming in a Blues Rock Trio with some fine folk I met through The Mode, plus jamming with a bunch of others, too. My dream of a website to meet musicians and put a good band together has come true!

What software and hardware does The MODE run on?

The MODE runs on one of Northlab's ( Linux machines using an Apache web server.