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Sorry, TheMode was shut down as of the end of December, 2022.

I started TheMode (The Musician's Online Database Exchange) in 1995 and we peaked with 2500 online listings at the turn of the century.... but with the rise of Social Media Websites, like Facebook & (where you can post videos and audios) TheMode slowly faded away. It's time to retire, thank you for using TheMode!!!!!

How did The MODE get started?

Back in 1995 my band broke up, so I thought it would be neat to find a new group of musicians via the Internet to jam with. The Internet was just starting to grow like crazy, so I tried the various Usenet groups, and while they are great for meeting fellow musicians around the world, it was somewhat dissapointing to locate great situations, only to find they were on the other side of the country. Too bad there isn't a place where musical gigs are sorted by area codes, I thought..... I put my programming skills to work, and lo, The MODE was born. Strangely enough, I found a group of wayward musicians using traditional contact methods (the local musician's newspaper) immediately after starting The MODE, and I played with the (mostly) cover band Friction for a few years. Since then I've been jamming in a Blues Rock Trio with some fine folk I met through The Mode, plus jamming with a bunch of others, too. My dream of a website to meet musicians and put a good band together came true!