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ASIA Tribute Band Project in Orlando, FL
Would anybody be interested in performing with an Asia tribute band? I would be the stand-in for John Wetton (bass and vocals...I have a baritone/tenor range that compliments John's singing style and range well). Would need a versatile guitarist (not necessarily just like Steve Howe; other guitarists played with Asia as well), a drummer/percussionist (Carl Palmer) and a multi-keyboardist (Geoff Downes). It would be most desirable that all parties also be able to sing well enough to do backing vocal harmonies. The focus would initially be the "hit" songs of the first three albums. Deeper cuts (i.e. Asia fan favorites and concert staples) would follow, as well as music from their 2006 original members reunion onward, and perhaps even select songs from the Wetton/Downes 'ICON' project.
posted: Apr 8 2017 expires: Jul 7 2017