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What is The MODE?
It's a database of free classifieds for musicians to get gigs, buy and sell equipment, and network with other musicians in YOUR local area. The musician's classified listings are sorted by area code (or country code outside the USA and Canadian area). There is no cost to place a listing up to 100 words long!. I want to have every musician on the 'net listed.

Informational Flyer
Here's an informational flyer for you to print out and post in music stores, open jams (anywhere musicians congregate!) if you care to help me spread the word about The MODE. I thank you for your help... and in the long run, the more musicians that find out about The MODE the more good connections we can all make!

Brew's News
You can use The Mode to put together the band of your dreams to start playing out or just meet like minded musicians in your area to jam with. Try it out.... brew

How to Use The MODE
Probably the easiest way to make use of The Mode is to check the listings in your local area, either sorted by area codes if you are in the USA or Canada, or sorted by country code for musicians from other countries. Listings of Global Interest are non-regional listings, of interest to ALL musicians. The equipment for sale is listed in the local pages, too, but some musicians who especially like to buy and sell equipment like to check the page made up of ALL The Equipment Listings, sorted with the most recent posted first. Some Canadian musicians check the page of Canadian Equipment Listings only. And finally, if you want to get listed or delete your listing you can fill out The Mode posting form.

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Informational Flyer
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