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Taylormix aol com in Essex, Bergen, Passaic, Union + Ocean Counties
'THE'-HARDEST-WORKING-BAND in tri-state-area seeks: PRIMARY-LEAD-SINGING bassist, rhythm or lead guitarist; or keys, w/ ENERGETIC-GOOD-VIBE & NO-Drugs; 35-60-y.o., w/ experience! THE-most-booked-band (really!) in NJ. Huge fan-base. Classic rock/pop, R&B, soul & blues. 280-shows annually from NNJ & Rockland Cty. to LBI. Clubs, bistros, wineries, private, amusement-parks + municipal; Electric: 4-5 pc. + Acoustic-trio & duo. VOCALS = the main-thing + harmony. We ALL sing. Learn our tunes (and we'll learn-yours!) Have decent-well-maintained-gear & transportation; YOU MUST provide YOUR lead-vocal-song-list. If-interested, we'll reply w/ our 'staple-songlist'. Once up-to-speed, count-on 3-5+ gigs-monthly. PLEASE > NO travel-restrictions/'mileage-meters'/calculators. It's definitely 'love-over-money'! Weeknites / Weekends; Club-gigs = $100-to-$150 per; Municipal & Private-Events = more. Need: Home/cell phone #s, email, social-media & links to your performance videos (LIVE, NOT 'studio-produced'), for us to hear you. THANKS!
posted: Dec 4 2021 expires: Mar 4 2022

hydemusic yahoo com in West Milford
They say being in a band is like having four or five bad marriages at once! However playing solo is worst even if you’re the master of your own destiny. The magic of musicians playing together is unheralded.. Listen to the new Beatles Let It Be and how they craft their music….. I’m a boomer singer/rhythm guitarist (Electric and Acoustic) who can still rock looking for a group either existing or startup. Bass, drums, lead guitar and keys are the perfect storm. Vocals are extremely important…Beatles, Stones, Neil, Dylan, The Band, Petty, etc….. JUST NOT Cream, Hendrix, Led Zep or other high energy bands. Great bands but too volume oriented for me… Have good equipment, available days or nights, drug and alcohol free, dependable, reliable transportation.
posted: Nov 10 2021 expires: Feb 8 2022