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Musicians Seeking Bands and Vice Versa

Music123 in Rockaway
Looking for Female Singer preferably 25-45, to co-front established cover band. Please have experience, great personality, be fun, energetic/outgoing. Comfortable on stage, in front of crowds, and able to memorize songs (no reading on stage). We are a 4 piece upgrading our lineup to add more female lead vocal songs, guy/girl combos and high harmonies. Song styles are party oriented, danceable staples. Pop, Country, Disco, Rock, Classic, etc. If you play an instrument even better. Keyboards a HUGE plus! Currently playing mostly bars and clubs, 4 to 6 times a month, North/Central NJ. Goal is to gain great rooms, some shore dates in Summer and private events. Practice 1x a week in Wharton, NJ. Please reply with videos/recordings if you have, experience/contact info.
posted: Dec 2 2018 expires: Mar 2 2019

Drummers! We are looking for someone who loves the great songs from the days when MTV actually played music. We are a start-up band with lead guitar, bass & singer/rhythm guitar players. We are looking for someone with enthusiasm for the genre who can play the songs from bands like: INXS, Crowded House, Elvis Costello, Cars, Police, REM, Ramones, & some of the cool One-Hit Wonder bands that got heavy airplay in the early 80's. Vocals are a plus but not a deal breaker. WE are easy-going guys who want to rehearse once a week and play out a few times a year and make virtually no money.
posted: Nov 12 2018 expires: Feb 10 2019

Taylormix aol com in Essex, Bergen, Passaic, Union + Ocean Counties
'THE'-HARDEST-WORKING-BAND in tri-state-area seeks a PRIMARY-LEAD-SINGING rhythm-or-lead guitarist; or-even keys)... AS WELL AS: a LEAD-singing drummer... Both w/ ENERGETIC-GOOD-VIBE & NO-Drugs! Be 35-55-y.o. We're THE-most-booked-band (really!) in NJ, w/ a huge fan-base. Classic rock/pop + more. Performed-280-shows last-year from NNJ & Rockland Cty. to LBI. A variety of clubs, bistros private-events, amusement-parks + municipal-shows; Electric as a 4-5 pc. + Acoustic-trio. VOCALS = main-thing + harmony. We ALL sing too. You need to have a large-library of our tunes already-in-place (we'll-also-learn-yours!) + decent-well-maintained-gear & transportation; Reply for our 'staple-songlist'. Once up-to-speed, count-on 4-5+ gigs-monthly. PLEASE: Have NO travel-restrictions/'mileage-meters'/calculators. It's definitely 'love-over-money'! Weeknites + Weekends; Club-gigs = $100-to-$150 per; Municipal & Private-Events can be more $. Please supply: Home/cell phone #s, email + web-links for us to hear your vocal/inst. perfs. THANKS! Taylormix@aol.com
posted: Oct 29 2018 expires: Jan 27 2019